About US

  • Developer: Team Chilli
  • Location: Madrid, Spain

Release dates

  • Android & IOS: 01/06/2022
  • Switch: 16/03/2023
  • PC Version: 04/07/2022

Regular Price & download URL

Android&IOS: 3.99€



IOS Download Link


IOS requirements

  • IOS 13


Android Download link


Android requirements

  • 2 GB Ram or more

About the game


Loop is a vibrant Contemplative Puzzle Game; where you and your companion travel through a mysterious, ethereal temple. During this Journey, you will traverse many riddles and face the ultimate enigma: can the endless loop be broken?

Loop features a fresh and brand-new graphics rarely seen in a mobile game. Loop’s gameplay is centered in playing along with an AI which acts both as a reliable guide through the temple and as a faithful companion to discover the environment with. The game narrative is told by 40+ contemplative levels with very rich in environments and with unique and creative puzzles.



  • Fresh brand-new graphics for a mobile experience
  • Play along a companion which guides you through the temple
  • 40+ contemplative levels with unique and creative puzzle solving
  • Ambiental narrative & Rich Environment



Álvaro Ortuño: Game director https://www.alvaroclekio.com

Tomé Costa: Art director https://www.artstation.com/tomecosta

Pablo Carpentier: Game Lead Dev https://twitter.com/AntheusMG

Martín Gil: Game Designer

Darío Dominguez: Animator

Julio Albertos: Prototype Programmer

Juan Martínez: Web Developer

Planeta Murphy (Javier Amaro, Churi González, Ricardo Padilla): Original Musical Composition & Sound Development https://www.planetamurphy.com/

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